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 Server Rules

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Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 8:23 pm

Server Rules:

* Hacking isn't allowed at all.
* Mods that give the user illegial advantages aren't allowed
* Deathmatching is allowed only in a few cases. Read /dm for more information.
* Beware of the words you use in the chat and respect other people.
* Respect the punishment you get from the administrators and if have any problem you can talk to the admin before you report.
* Don't advertise other server in the server.
* Only English in mainchat.
* Don't ask for a special rank.
* Don't copyright!.
* Dont abuse bugs.
* Ban evading isn't aloowed.
* Driveby/Carpark isn't allowed.
* Helipad kills aren't allowed.

Deathmatch Rules:

* Law enforcement aren't allowed to kill innocent players.
* Innocent players aren't allowed to kill law enforcement.
* Innocent players are allowed to kill criminals.
* Criminals aren't allowed to kill innocent players.

* innocent= white & yellow players

Law enforcement:

* Law enforcement aren't allowed to make teamkill.
* Cuff/Search abuse aren't allowed.
* Law enforcement aren't allowed to make teamjack.
* Ram/Carpark aren't allowed to be used as a help for cuff attempt.

Each rulebreak will cause a punishment so read carefully and follow these rules.

Server Rules 33vbwpz
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Server Rules

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