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PostSubject: Reputation   Reputation EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 8:16 pm

I Wanted To Say:

Reputation isn't game so don't rate the player just because you love him or for fun

When We Use The Reputation[Only For Good Things]

We use it if the player helped you so you can rate him or he did tutorial that heped you or you saw it good rate him

When We Use The Reputation[Only For Bad Things]

We use it if the player said something you didn't like it and bad things like "f**ck you" or "suck my d**ck"
so you can give him -1 or he insulted you or said something on you you didn't like it

How To Make Reputation

[NOTE] All the players Reputation has been restarted
[NOTE] You can rate the player in the post just once
[NOTE] When you rep player do +Rep or +Reputation or something else

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