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 Admin Rules

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Admin Rules Empty
PostSubject: Admin Rules   Admin Rules EmptyFri Jan 17, 2014 6:10 pm

1) Do not abuse your admin commands on other players/staff members , Not for joking either , It Might be fun for you but someone else can be very annoyed by it.
Abusing your admin commands may lead to instance demotion.

2) You must check EVERY SINGLE report , especially not going on admin duty and driving around for fun.

3) Do not perform any harmful commands on other players while on admin duty ; Also do not shoot or kill players when you're on admin duty else it will be considered as abusing.

4) Be active on IRC / IG / Forums .

5) Don't provoke or argue with other players ; If a person is really provoking you , ignore him/her ; If it turned to flaming , just mute.

6) You must know EVERY SINGLE rule which is written on the forum .

7) Do not have an argument with other admins in main chat or in IRC main channel ; take your problems in PM and you must try to solve it because you are
both in a team ; If we see you having a fight with another admin , you will be given a serious warning and if seen again , you will be demoted.

8)Do not ask for promotion ; It will decrease your chance of being promoted to almost 0 ; You want to be promoted? Then do your job.

9) Do not nuke players or admins from IRC ; It will lead to serious punishments. [You may get suspended or you may get demoted instantly]

10) Act mature as an admin , we care about your behavior towards other players / admins .

11) Obey your higher level admin.

12) Level 1 admins should mostly pay attention to in game stuff ; Also reporting hackers on forums when there is no level 3 admin.

13) Level 2 admins should do what level 1 admins do ; They should also take care of reports on forums.

14) Level 3 admins should do what level 2 admins do ; They should also take care of reports on forums including reports regarding people using hacks.

15) Level 4 admins should do what level 3 admins do , They should also take care of unban requests and anything related to player's stats.

16) If you are going to be less active than usual or even inactive for a while , make sure you inform us on staff section.

17) Be sure if your planning to resign , If you ask for your admin status after you resigned ; You will not get it back .

In total :

How to act towards your fellow admins:
1.Mutual respect and cooperation.
2.Be forgiving.
3.Be their role model and the typical admin.
4.Never start fights. Instead, settle fights.

How to act towards players:
1.Be helpful and informative.
2.Be friendly and useful.
3.Consider their concerns and take care of them.
4.Be fair and deal with them professionally.

How to pursue your duty:
1.Be exact/assured before you take actions.
2.Do not handle a report without looking into it and investigating it.
3.Be active.
4.Be professional.

Admin Rules 33vbwpz
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Admin Rules

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