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Iron Players Cops And Robbers

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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 5:11 pm

Please be aware that the following rules may change at any time and without warning, it is up to you to keep up to date with these. Note that some boards also contain a set of rules.
General Rules
Spam and Useless Posting  Spamming posts on the forums that contain no useful information is not permitted. Please put effort into your posts and provide as much information as possible.
Impersonation Players may not impersonate another player on the forums, this can lead to your account and other accounts you own being banned.  
Multi-Accounting Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. If there is a problem with the account, please notify a Head Admin or the Owners and they will assist you.
Topic Bumping Please do not bump topics that have not been replied to in over 12 hours  
Post Boosting  Purposely posting useless information to gain post count is not permitted and can lead to your post count being reset; multiple offenses may lead to a ban on the forums.
old Topics Any topics that are over 30 days old and are no longer active are subject to deletion or archiving.  
Illegal Content  Links to illegal or pirated content is not permitted.  
Advertising  Advertising other servers or outside websites/businesses is not allowed.
Offensive Offensive material such as: Racist/pornographic pictures and text is not permitted. Please be mindful of other people.
Respect Others   Show all players and staff respect and you will get respect in return.
Reporting Players and Admins When reporting a player or an admin, please keep a calm attitude and follow the correct formats provided for that section. Patience is a virtue, so do not spam IRC or in-game chats advertising your report.  
Double Posting If you wrote something wrong in your post you must Edit it and not posting another correction post
And dont double post when no one answered after your last post 
Forum Games  While forum games are entertaining, we do not allow number/word games. They are counted as spam and will be removed.
In-Game nameYou must fill in your in-game name. Changing or removing your in-game name is not allowed you will get warned or maybe banned.
*WARNING: By not following these rules the Administrators of this forum may warn you and it may cause a ban

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Forum Rules

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